Colder season? Fall-Proof your skin!

skincare tips during colder season

Now that it is getting colder, it is time to crank up the heat. Tuck away those open-toe sandals and make way for warmer wardrobe choices. Go crazy with scarves and rejoice, Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu, yay!

Fall is definitely here and winter is coming.

But, as much as we love to take a break from summer and embrace a colder season, those who have dry skin detest this season of the itch! (1)

Emma Roberts love pumpkin spice latte

Here’s why the colder season brings discomfort for everyone, especially those who have dry skin and learn the instant fixes to fall-proof your skin:

Low-humidity dries up your skin

Colder weather snuffs the moisture out of the environment. Just like it dries up plants, it draws moisture out of your skin leading to chapped, tight, cracked and flaky skin. Those who have eczema are usually the first to suffer since they are more prone to dryness and flakiness of the skin.

Notice that when you put on your regular lotion or moisturizer, it doesn’t quite quench the thirst of your skin. That’s because a colder climate needs a more powerful moisturizer.

The fix?

Ditch your summer-skincare faves and switch to richer and creamier formulations. Just like changing your outfit, change your skincare products that are fit for the colder months ahead. Look for humectants and more occlusive preparations to hydrate and lock in moisture to your skin.

dry skin sloughs off

Long Hot Baths may be comforting but your skin hates it

There’s no better way to ease up tensed muscles than a warm bath. After braving a colder weather, sitting and soaking in a hot tub is just so invigorating. However, having a hot bath or hot shower is bad for your skin. It melts away the natural protective barrier of the skin, leading to dry skin.

And dry skin means itchy skin!

The fix?

Keep your bath short and use lukewarm water instead. Avoid harsh soaps that may leave your skin dry and tight. Go for creamier soaps instead. Also, do not forget to condition your hair as it may also get brittle and prone to damage due to cold weather.

Julia Roberts enjoying warm bubble bath

Cold and Hot, in an instant

Stepping from the wintry outdoors to a cozy, warm establishment may be a relief for us but it may not be the case for our skin. Dermatologists often warn that this may lead to skin redness and broken veins.

The fix?

It is important to protect the skin from harsh weather conditions. Wear protective clothing such as a scarf and a barrier moisturizer or cream. Invest in anti-inflammatory serums and creams as well to fight skin redness.

bundle up

Comfort eating during the colder season

Yes, we talked about those with dry skin the entire time but what about those with oily skin? The good news is, the colder season may reduce flare-ups. You may see fewer acne breakouts this season. The bad news is, all the comfort eating during the cold season cancels this out.  

It may be impossible to believe but food intake can also impact your skin’s overall appearance, any time of the year, really. Loading up on carbs not just make you prone to developing a zit, it ages your skin too!

The fix?


Do we have to cross off carbs from our diet? No, not really. But do not overindulge. Take all the time that you need to a healthier you and in the meantime, go easy on the sugary treats. Pumpkin Spice Latte is usually at 380 calories so, go figure!

Cranking up the heat at home

Toasty. That’s how we usually describe our homes. But cranking up our radiators not just warms our homes, it dries our skin too! Cosmetologists warn that radiators can leave our skin looking parched and lackluster.

The fix?

Aside from gulping lots of water and slathering luscious moisturizers, invest in humidifiers too to bring back moisture to the air in your homes. It’s not just skin-friendly, asthmatics can benefit from it too!

use humidifier to bring back moisture to your skin

So there you have it, cold season and dry skin tangoing all the way.

But do you know that you can make your moisturizers and skin care products work better by doing an extra step for your skin?

How microdermabrasion can do wonders for your skin this colder season

Since you are prone to having dry skin, it tends to get flaky. No matter how expensive your serums and moisturizers are, you seem to get mediocre results.

That is because your skincare products do not get to the part that it needs to. It’s just there, sitting at the dead layers of your skin, waiting to be shed off. So no matter if you have that $100-serum or the cheaper drugstore formulas, it just won’t work because your skin is not ready to receive it.

Microdermabrasion can help buff away the dead skin that blocks your skincare products. Once the dead layer is removed, your skincare products can get to the layers where it can do its magic.

woman using microdermMD

Having your own at-home microdermabrasion device is a great investment too. You get to use it whenever you like. And best of all, you are not limited to just using it on your face, neck, and chest (unlike in derm clinics). Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion devices are safe to use all over the body.

You may want to get a Large Body Tip to make it easier to work on larger surface areas and oh, don’t forget to change the wool filters every so often. It is normal to use 3-5 filters when doing the legs, arms, and back.

After doing microdermabrasion, do not forget to moisturize (pick a creamy moisturizer or lotion) to keep your skin from drying out and looking parched. You will definitely love how soft and smooth your skin will feel after removing the dry, flaky skin.

Not only that, you will bring back your glow! So go ahead, make your friends guess why you are glowing despite the cold weather. With these simple tips, we hope we helped fall-proof your skin.