What Does Ultrasonic Do For Skin

What Does Ultrasonic Do For Skin

Updated January, 2020.

Anyone looking to make their skin look better and feel better has probably gone through the process of buying many creams, ointments, serums, and essences specializing in rejuvenating the skin. Many of these products do work wonders for a person's skin. However, there is a way to make them work even better.

Using an ultrasonic facial machine can help those products absorb better and work deep in the skin where the real damage is.  


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The Ultrasonic Device

The device that is used for ultrasonic treatments is a simple one. At its base level, it vibrates at high frequencies and this allows the machine to massage products into the skin better than applying it by hand. These high levels of sound waves help products penetrate the skin, instead of sitting on top where it cannot be used to its fullest extent.


Many of these devices are called ultrasonic facial machines because most people focus on their face, however, they can be used on a variety of areas on the body. These machines will have different settings for different areas of the body. The harsher settings can be used on areas that are more muscular without causing any damage. Where there are some more fragile areas on the body that need to have a softer setting to avoid hurting the user.  

Ultrasonic treatment is good for skin.

Ultrasonic Treatments

Those that have been working to get better skin for many years may recognize the ultrasonic facial machines from salons. They were once a popular treatment for when people sought out professional help with their skin. These treatments were so successful for people that manufacturers saw a market for at home devices.  


Now, this salon treatment can be done at home for a fraction of the cost.


There are many different types of ultrasonic facial machines. With each type of machine, there may be a slightly different experience. Most machines recommend using a conductive gel with the machine, plus the products being applied, to make the most of the treatment. This conductive gel is specialized for the machine and helps to push more product into the skin to get a deeper penetration of the many great ingredients in each one.


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When looking at the ultrasonic facial machines they will all have some things in common. The end of the device is typically slightly rounded and smooth to the touch. This is the part that will run across the face or body to help apply different products. This is also the part of the device that a conductive gel will be applied to for the treatment.


What makes these machines special is their ability to vibrate at high frequencies. These frequencies will range from 1MHz to 5MHz. Each setting giving a different benefit or having a different use depending on the areas of the body it is being used ranging from a harsh treatment to a soft treatment.


Making sure to use the frequency is important to avoid damaging delicate areas of the body. One area to look out for is around the eyes. The skin here is very delicate and can become damaged easily. With delicate areas always use a higher setting like 5MHz. For an area that has thin muscles like the cheeks, a 3MHz will work. Any area where muscles are densely packed can use a 1MHz setting without damaging the area.

The idea behind using an ultrasonic treatment is to help products that are already applied to the surface of the skin get absorbed into the deeper layers of skin. Many products simply sit on the surface and have little absorption.


Only letting the product take care of the results of a problem, instead of treating the core of the problem to get rid of it. Using the ultrasonic treatment gets these products deeper where they can help heal the under layers of skin. Getting rid of problem areas before they reach the surface.

Instantaneous Results

Many people are turning to products like ultrasonic machines to avoid using harsh treatments like plastic surgery, Botox, chemical peels, or laser treatments. While all of these treatments have their own place in a skincare regime they are not needed for the average user. Most people can work with products at home and use an ultrasonic facial machine to treat many of their problems.


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It is important to remember that every treatment done to the skin will have varying results. Each person has slightly different skin. Every skin type is going to react to products and treatments in a different way. This can include allergic reactions in severe cases. However, many people see improvements in their skin regardless of their skin type.

Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Influser

Treatments to areas like the skin are not instantaneous. Even though that would be ideal. Expect to use the products in combination with an ultrasonic facial machine for many treatments before seeing drastic results. Those that care for their skin on a regular basis and create a skin care routine will have the best results.


When first trying an ultrasonic facial machine a user can expect that their face will feel and appear more firm within the first treatment. Subsequent, treatments will give the treated areas better results. With many treatments, people can expect their temporary firmness they say in the first treatment to become a more lasting effect.  

Why Use Ultrasonic Treatments

There are so many reasons to use an ultrasonic treatment. Overall, the health of the skin is going to be effected making it much easier to maintain. The treatments will help to encourage blood flow, clear away dead skin, and boost collagen production. Making the skin healthier and look great. For a more in-depth look, there are benefits to many problem areas.


Those that suffer from cases of acne will see their skin clearing up after a few treatments. The skin can become immune to the acne products that are being used. These products sit on the top of the skin and only treat the surface problems. With an ultrasonic treatment, these topical acne treatments can penetrate the skin getting to the bottom of the acne problem.


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Many people find that their pores are large and that they are developing more blackheads than they typically do. In these instances, there are toxins or debris stuck in the skin that is not allowing these pores to close. Ultrasonic treatment can help cleanse the skin of this debris, including dead skin cells, to help pores close and shrink.


The skin starts to slow down when producing collagen. Pairing this will poor blood circulation creates more wrinkles and skin sagging. By using the ultrasonic treatments the skin will have increased blood flow. The heat created from the high-frequency vibrations will create micro-injuries. These injuries are not painful but boost the production of collagen to help firm the skin and reduce sagging or wrinkles.


Treating the eye area can help to reduce the puffiness below the eye that many people cannot get rid of. The treatment will help to oxygenate the skin through the vibrations. This tells the body to get rid of the extra fluid that is building up by the eye and will stimulate the blood flow. Using the correct products by the eye in combination can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles, as well.

Ultrasonic helps in acne removal

Cellulite is something many people are embarrassed to have. This type of treatment has been popular for a long time to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The vibration of the machine helps to stimulate drainage, jump start blood circulation, produce collagen, and even exfoliate the problem areas.  


Ultrasonic treatment can even help someone grow their hair back. With the high-frequency vibrations, the skin will become exfoliated and the blood circulation is great for hair growth. The slight heat from the treatment can help the nervous system relax and help the serum used for hair growth absorb better.  

Recommended Device

To get all of the great benefits of an ultrasonic facial machine at home the first step is to buy one. A good machine to try for any beginner in skin care is the JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infusion machine. This machine is going to give all of the wonderful benefits outlined previously, without needing to spend a ton of money with a professional each week for treatments.


The machine is compact. Making it easy for those that do not have a lot of storage space or for those that travel frequently. There is no need to leave it at home and skip sessions because it will fit in any carry-on bag. Even with its small compact size it still packs a punch when it comes to getting products deep into the skin.


When using this machine users can expect to get much more out of the products that they already love. It can be used in combination with any skin care products in someone's current routine. With those products, they are likely to work up to six times better after adding the JeNu Infusion machine into the mix. The products will penetrate into the skin up to six times deeper than it typically could when applying with another applicator.


To use the JeNu machine one must also purchase the Microsphere Infusion Gel. This gel is going to act as the conductor for the products. It is applied directly onto the end of the machine and then massaged into the face over the products that have already been applied. It will help get the penetration needed to get the full effectiveness from any skincare favorite.

Ultrasonic facial kit

The key to an ultrasonic facial machine in getting the products deeper into the skin is the ultrasound or the vibration that the machine makes. With this vibration, it is able to work the products deeper. The Jenu Infuser machine is able to provide 356,000 pulses to get products where they need to go.


Some machines require a longer process for application. The beauty of the Jenu machine is that it is a very quick process. There is no need to sit and wait for the machine to work its magic. It simply takes one minute to get products deep into the skin for better completion and healthier skin. Which can be great for those that do not have the time to spend on an extensive skin care regimen.

Choosing a Better Way

No one has to use a product like an ultrasonic facial machine. It is a luxury for those that want to up their skincare game. Using basic products for skincare can suffice for many people. These products are created for maximum effectiveness by themselves. However, by pairing them with an ultrasonic machine people can get more out of their everyday products.

Products that are applied to the skin have a maximum absorption potential. The skin cannot absorb something below a certain skin level without help if the product is not designed to be absorbed in that way. Leaving many products to sit on the surface where they are only taking care of the results of a problem.


The ultrasonic facial machine treatments can help these products get down to the lower levels of the skin where the real problems are. Once they reach this point they can start to heal the skin from the inside out and create a healthier looking surface.

A routine with an ultrasonic skin care machine can reduce the signs of visible aging. By helping the skin maintain a healthy level of blood circulation and collagen production there will be less change for fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging to occur. This will help anyone look younger and have great feeling skin well into their older years.


Having a professional skincare machine at home is a great investment. Not only will it save money from getting expensive professional treatments it will help the skin maintain a youthful glow. It is important to take care of the skin before it becomes damaged to avoid major damage. However, it is never too late to start a better skincare routine.  


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