Guest Blog Post by Susan Ritter: Why I Ditched My Dermatologist

why susan stopped seeing her dermatologist after meeting trophy skin

Updated January, 2020

Remember (not so long ago) when the only option for turning back the hands of time was to go under the knife?

The advances made in skin care technology over the past 20 years are mind-boggling. It seems that every year there are new and improved skin care treatments that make our never ending quest for lasting beauty more achievable than ever …

From Botox to fillers to chemical peels and lasers – there is a smorgasbord of skin care treatments currently being offered up at any local dermatologist’s office. And with the insatiable hunger for flawless skin - women and men alike are swarming their practices in droves.

After all, who doesn’t want to look their best?

put your best face forward sans the chemicals

Even those of us that prefer the natural approach to skincare are not immune to wanting to put our best face forward and maybe even tricking Mother Nature a bit in the process.

I have to admit that (in the past) I too have succumbed to the wiles of medical intervention in the hopes of keeping my skin looking youthful and radiant. And to some degree, the treatments I received from my trusted dermatologist were effective.

That being said, I soon discovered that being at the mercy of doctors and medical estheticians to look my best had much more downsides than upsides. Sure, I want to put my best face forward. But I want to do so in a manner than meets my lifestyle and health objectives.

So here’s why I ditched my dermatologist in search of some better solutions for attaining awesome looking skin …

I’m Not a Rockefeller

It’s no secret that the price of most anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments performed at a doctor’s office or med spa are cost-prohibitive for most people.

The average ticket price of a microdermabrasion treatment is about $175 (or more).

And because most people will need at least 5 treatments to get their desired results, you can see how quickly the price of beauty adds up.

Not to mention the time required to get to the doctor’s office and back, and having to schedule out your appointments (sometimes weeks) in advance. Unless you’re an independently wealthy socialite with little else to do – the luxury of most medical anti-aging treatments is just not a reasonable option.

I Want to Avoid Harsh Drugs and Chemicals

I became an advocate for chemical-free skin care and cosmetics after experiencing some very severe allergic reactions to many of the popular commercial makeup and skin care products. So there is no chance in hell that I will ever allow Botox or fillers to be injected into my skin.

Unfortunately, this is the first course of treatment that many doctors opt for in their anti-aging protocols.

In my opinion, this is a potentially dangerous option for anyone concerned about their health – as the jury is still out regarding the long-term risks of injecting your body with foreign substances it cannot assimilate. There are many holistic health professionals who believe that there may be severe autoimmune reactions in some cases.

And regarding the treatment of acne, dermatologists are also quick to prescribe drugs – typically antibiotics … or even worse – Accutane, which is a very toxic drug with a laundry list of warnings and side effects a mile long.

I Found a Better Way

Luckily for us - we don’t have to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous … nor do we need to risk our health to look fabulous and keep our youthful glow.

In addition to amazingly effective natural organic skin care products, modern technology in the form of personal skin care machines has landed in our laps and has virtually eliminated the need for outrageously priced medical esthetic procedures.

These amazing devices have leveled the playing field and changed our beauty regimens forever.

Treatments that previously could only be performed by a doctor or medical esthetician; we can now do ourselves at a fraction of the cost.

Treatments such as microdermabrasion, light therapy, ultrasonic skin scrubbing and more are now available to everyone - on our own schedule in the comfort of our homes.

So, who needs a Dermatologist?

Obviously, if you have some sort of serious skin condition you’ll want to seek medical advice. However - for those of us who merely want to stave off the hands of time and look naturally beautiful there are better and more practical options.

Personally, I wanted to take back control of my schedule and my skin care budget.

Investing in the above mentioned personal skin care machines has allowed me to save time and money … and in the process, my skin has never looked more radiant and beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post from Susan Ritter, the writer behind Natural Skin Care Love. On Natural Skin Care Love, she expresses her opinions about all natural skin care products to help others make informed decisions before making a purchase. It's a great blog to check out, so when you finish reading here, go check it out!

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